Can you imagine the price of Bitcoin reaching $25,000?

The creator of the Bitcoin (BTC) stock-to-flow (S2F) pricing model, PlanB, seems to be leaning towards a Bitcoin price increase. Can you imagine Bitcoin reaching $25,000? Well, the crypto analyst can, because he considers that this is the price that the main cryptomone currency of the market can obtain soon.

The price of Bitcoin could be close to $25,000

The price of the market’s leading crypto currency, Bitcoin, may be moving towards the USD. 25,000, once it can break the side market. This is what the analyst PlanB has made clear through his Twitter account.

The price of Bitcoin Up is always a topic of debate, not only among market enthusiasts, but also among many analysts. Predicting what is going to happen with the crypto currency is always a topic of interest.

The analyst expressed the following in his Twitter account:

„S&P 500 and Bitcoin have been correlated and co-integrated for the last 10 years. Bitcoin’s implied price according to the S&P: $25,000. Interesting times are approaching.

It’s worth noting that recent studies highlight that Bitcoin is closely related to the S&P 500. Recall that PlanB recently released some striking predictions regarding the price of Bitcoin, previously claiming that BTC would reach $190,000.

But what about you? Can you imagine the price of Bitcoin reaching $25,000?

The implied price of Bitcoin could be USD 25,000
Steve Wozniak sues Google for failing to act on BTC YouTube scams
Silicon Valley legend Steve Wozniak is suing YouTube and Google for allowing scammers to use his name and image in BTC gift scams.

These scams are very similar to those perpetrated by the hackers who attacked Twitter last week, where they hijacked some of the largest social network accounts to promote fraudulent Bitcoin sweepstakes.

Wozniak filed the lawsuit along with 17 other alleged victims. They want the court to force YouTube and the parent company to remove the videos and warn users about the scam, while seeking compensation and damages.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak sues YouTube for the scam

Bitcoin’s interest is at its lowest level
According to data from Google Trends, worldwide interest in the term „Bitcoin“ is now at its lowest level since December 2019.

In the last seven months, price volatility has generated an occasional outbreak of curiosity about Bitcoin, but it has simply set a general downward trend.

As of July 20, interest remained firmly at multi-month lows on the Google standardized scale of 1 to 100. On the Google Trends scale, interest in Bitcoin has remained at 45.