Robert Kiyosaki believes in BTC

Bitcoin to the moon – Robert Kiyosaki believes in BTC

Robert Kiyosaki is one of the most successful authors of financial books with his book „Rich Dad Poor Dad“. Yesterday, Thursday, Kiyosaki published some thoughts on Bitcoin, Gold and Silver. In it the bestselling author gives his opinion on the further course of the Bitcoin course. Kiyosaki also talks about inflation protection.

Robert Kiyosaki: Bestselling author for financial books

With the book „Rich Dad Poor Dad“ Robert Kiyosaki wrote a non-fiction book, which is still one of the 10 best-selling financial books of all time.

Rich Dad Poor Dad shows the reader above Crypto Methode all how important financial education is. True to the motto „Become the master of your own finances“, Kiyosaki sensitises the reader to the right way of saving and investing.

In parallel, the bestselling car has commented on current events on the financial markets in recent months. With regard to Covid-19 and the associated monetary policy measures, Kiyosaki repeatedly pleaded for hard and inflation-proof currencies.

Besides gold, the focus here is primarily on Bitcoin. In a recent interview with Anthony Pompliano, the bestselling author now talks about ways to protect his assets against inflation.

Gold and silver are the money of God.

Bitcoin is the open-source money of the people

Yesterday, Thursday, Kiyosaki told his 1.4 million followers on Twitter in a concise way where the Bitcoin journey would continue.

It is also clear that Kiyosaki is not only betting on Bitcoin and gold but also on the precious metal silver. However, anyone who has already read The Bitcoin Standard knows that silver cannot necessarily be considered hard money.

A fortnight ago Kiyosaki already recommended buying Bitcoin and gold. Assuming that we will see a strong devaluation of the US dollar, Kiyosaki believes that it is important how much Bitcoins you end up owning.

Bitcoin beats gold and silver. The dollar is dying. If there is a crash, it is not the price that matters, but how much gold and BTC you own.